IT Asset Valuation

By ensuring that your equipment appraisal is always accurate and up-to-date, our ITAD Professionals at UTS are able to maximize your ROI by utilizing equipment and/or brand specific re-marketing techniques through our various channels. 

Decommission And Logistics

UTS will assist with every phase involved during the decommission & logistics of your IT assets, from technical de-installation to final delivery to our secure processing facility. This involvement is one of many key areas that we believe helps to maintain and nurture authentic client care and relations. 

U.S. DoD Compliant Data Sanitization

Every organization is responsible to adhere to both federal and state laws regarding Data Security, Information Privacy, and Environmental Protection. Our primary interest is in security adherence and compliance. Your data isn’t just about you, It’s about your clients, your partners, your employees, your people….It’s the mortar so to speak. We know you don’t take that lightly, and neither do we. 

Value Recovery

Your ITAD partner should be committed to providing you with the highest value of return on your asset investments. Our re-marketing process is unique and allows our clients to generate revenue from not only working equipment but otherwise non-working equipment as well. Our re-marketing and investment recovery services offer significant value-add back. 

IT Asset value estimate

Asset Valuation

1. Initial Off-Site Inventory Analysis

Our product specialists expertly review your assets and provide market insights, making sure your equipment appraisal is always accurate and up-to-date. 

2. Inventory Auditing & Appraisal

We verify the make, model, and serial number of all of your equipment. Asset management specialists at UTS will then conduct an audit of your portfolio of decommissioned assets and send information on the condition of each component to the appropriate specialist. Our product specialist will then evaluate the value of each individual component or bulk of components to determine which pieces have value on the secondary market and which are candidates for E-waste. 

3. In-Depth Asset Valuation Report

We carefully record and document every step of our ITAD process, asset valuation being no exception. Our Asset Valuation Report provides you with complete transparency in terms of fair market values (FMV) so that together we can make profitable decisions with your inventory. We use market intelligence to ensure our appraisals are the most accurate available. 

Let us buy your surplus IT and Mobility equipment.

Our IT asset disposition specialist can determine the best options for you.  We can provide an in-depth analysis and custom plan with the click of a button. Let’s talk.

IT ASSET data security

Data Sanitization

Upward Tech Solutions guarantees compliance with the most rigorous data privacy and protection standards to date. We continuously and progressively seek advances in data erasure technologies. 

UTS guarantees absolute data sanitization for servers and desktop/laptop computers - including SSD - as well as virtual drives, smartphones, and tablets.

Complies with NIST SP 800-88, U.S. DoD 5220.22-M, and other internationally-recognized erasure standards.

Our strong Chain-of-Custody not only assures your assets are handled safely and properly, they also provide the audit and tracking detail necessary to verify data sanitization and legislative / environmental compliance.

Devices that cannot be successfully sanitized are shredded. A detailed audit and certificate of physical destruction is provided.


Decommission + logistics

Hassle Free De-Installation and Logistics Management

We assist with every phase involved during the logistics process, from technical de-installation to final delivery to a secure processing facility. We offer a variety of onsite services specific to your needs, including technical de-installation services at your facilities for all types of IT assets – from data center to desktop equipment.

No matter where you’re located, we can handle any  data center decommission service you require – including de-installation, packing, off-site warehousing, and logistics.

Professional  technicians are utilized to perform the de-installation and ensure a secure chain-of-custody for not only your compliance, but your peace of mind as well.


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We strive to be your preferred partner for I.T. asset disposition by providing you the highest value paired with exceptional customer service every step of the way.

What is ITAD?

ITAD, or IT asset disposition is a focused area of service offered primarily to corporate, government, education, and health entities. ITAD allows companies and organizations to dispose of their unwanted, out of date, or surplus IT/office/mobility/ and general electronic equipment in a secure and environmentally sound way while providing a significant return on their initial equipment investment. It is commonly used after equipment upgrades or periodically based on the equipments standard life cycle.

How does ITAD work?

Your ITAD provider will first analyze your assets for a proper valuation. Once a value estimate is established, the deinstallation and logistics of your equipment begins.

Once the equipment is relocated to a secure and monitored ITAD facility, the equipment is inventoried and the proper chain of custody documentation is provided.

The data sanitization process begins immediately after inventory. This process should be done to NIST/DoD standards at minimum. Data is sanitized and devices that cant be wiped are destroyed. You should recieve certificates of all wiped and/or destroyed devices

The next step is refurbishment, resell, or recycle, depending on the equipment age and condition. If your equipment is recycled, you should also recieve certificates of recycle.

How should I choose an ITAD company?

Our increasing dependence on cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, smart watches, smart tv’s, ….you get the picture, comes with an increasing risk of confidential information landing in the wrong hands. The results can be not only earth shattering, but can destroy even the strongest corporate structure. Read our in-depth article on What to Ask An ITAD Company and “What to Look for in an ITAD Company” for more insider tips to help you find the perfect IT Asset Disposition Partner


Do you accept all E-waste?

No. The following are some of the most common non-accepted items. If you are unsure if your equipment contains any of the following, your account representative will be more than happy to help you. You can also use our Live Chat feature to discuss the contents of your equipment

Bio-hazardous Materials
Light Bulbs
Luminous Bulbs
Fluids of any kind
General waste
Heavy Leaded Materials – X-Ray Vests (non-electronics)
Refrigerators & AC Units (equipment containing Freon)
Non-Wet Lead Acid Batteries
Nickel Cadmium Batteries
AC Units & Spot Coolers (non-Freon containing)

Read our insightful articles “Questions To Ask Your ITAD Company” and “What to Look for in an ITAD Company” for more tips from industry experts to help you find the perfect IT Asset Disposition partner

Maximized roi

Value Recovery

At Upward Tech Solutions, your value recovery is of primary importance. We know the bottom line. We are here to assure your ITAD program is profitable. Not only making sense, but dollars. Unlike other ITAD “solutions”, you will never be charged a dime by us. By providing top class valuation, logistics, secure data erasure, while increasing your bottom line and minimizing your global footprint, we aren’t only separating ourselves from the competition by quality…We are making a difference that carries a global impact. These results are our drive!

Guaranteed maximum value return

Win-Win model

Long term increased recovery with improved process

Extensive marketing channels

Worry free & Simplified

Reduced Global Impact

Security Compliance

Maximum ROI

Progressive Partnership

Secure Processing

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