What To Look For In A ITAD Company

Asset Logistics & Management
Equipment is never more susceptible to damage and data breach than it is during transportation.You should seek an ITAD partner that not only helps you track your assets from deployment to decommissioning, but a partner who is hands-on throughout the entire decommissioning and logistics process.  Your ITAD provider should have a trusted network of logistics partners they use.

Re-Market Ability
Remarketing your IT assets allows you to make changes to your hardware such as: erasing data, making changes in configuration, moving hardware to remote offices or test / dev sites, and more. You want to work with a group of people when choosing an ITAD partner who can come up with different ways to repurpose your hardware to make sure you get the most out of it.

Data Sanitization & Erasure
When disposing your IT equipment, it is priority #1 to protect the sensitive data of your organization and its employees. Your potential ITAD vendor should offer various options for disposing or repurposing your hardware without compromising your proprietary data. When selecting an ITAD provider, you should ask about physical destruction, data wiping, degaussing, and other data sanitization procedures utilized as well as certificates provided to verify the process used.

Regulation Compliance
Your ITAD partner should ensure that they comply with all the necessary compliance regulations. This includes a zero tolerance policy for introduction of toxic materials in landfills.

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